The Debate Over Waterproof Metal Detectors

The other big consideration is due to weight, as there are a lot of waterproof metal detectors generally weigh more than their land counterparts. There are of course waterproof metal detectors which are handheld which will be more difficult to use on land.

It also boasts a 5×4 powerful coil for accurate readings and no false positives in salt water. Furthermore, as it is built for scuba diving, this device can be submerged up to 60 meters for deep exploration. The built-in microprocessor offers automatic tuning as well as stable depth detection, too, which allows users to have accurate detecting throughout its battery life. Notably, instead of having to dive with headphones, this device features LED light and vibrating system to alert the user that there is metal around. With its fully waterproof, state of the art design, it is ideal for both saltwater and fresh water.

They have decent sensitivity to jewelry and coins, but struggle to “see” in ground with heavy mineralization. VLF detectors are often a cheaper alternative to PI that are less specialized. They also provide excellent sensitivity to valuable metals and great depth.

It’s also worth shopping around for sale prices and discounts, as waterproof detectors can be expensive. Other features include a belt mount, waterproof headphones and sensitivity adjustment. If your dives might go deeper than 200 feet, the Fisher 1280-X Aquanaut is a great alternative to the Sand Shark and Sea Hunter. This allows you to change the depth by up to 50% according to the conditions. The 10-20 battery life isn’t the longest, but should be enough for most hunting sessions.

As we only picked top rated underwater detector models, this shouldn’t be an issue here. As you’ll be going underwater, ensure the model you are buying will not rust over time. This may seem like an obvious one, but not all water detectors are waterproof. Due to their sensitivity for metal, they can be affected by minerals found in the ground.

The ATX has a large 10 x 12 inches search coil which searches areas fast and effectively, but it will pick up on small signals as well, so you will not miss anything important. The continuous depth indicator will tell you how far to dig once you have located your target. The Garrett AT PRO works on a 15 kHz frequency, and it also features a 0-99 target scale ID to have a better idea about what is underneath. The superfast recovery time ensures a more effective time spent on hunting, so you do not have to stick around the same place for a very long time. Pulse Induction deals with high mineralization so you can spend more time searching and less time adjusting all the modes.

Determination of the position of the objects found within the coil. Greater survey width, for each single run, to reduce the number of passages required to cover a given area, thus decreasing the survey time needed.

This detector is also able to survive in fresh and salt water, we all know what effect salt water has on electronics normally however not here. He has written extensively on the subject of metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. To help guide you to great treasure hunting sites, do some research on shipwrecks and the history of the area before you go.

If you’re looking for a top quality metal detector then you don’t need to go much further than this model from Garrett as it ticks all the boxes and is very highly rated by those that have used it. It is an intermediate device with advanced technology for enthusiasts and hobbyists.  It can be used for coin shooting, relic hunting and general purpose detecting. A 7″ waterproof interchangeable coil is used by the device which is able to ping coin-sized objects up to 6″ deep and larger objects 2 feet deep. It also has a detector stand which keeps your device out of the mud while you are retrieving the target. It has an 8-inch concentric coil that can be submersed in shallow waters and damp grass or at the beach side with a bit of sand and salty water.

The KKmoon underwater metal detector also features an audio and vibration system that alerts you in case you come close to your find. You will need to have an underwater metal detector that will make your work easier. This is also another underwater metal detector that will surely pique your interest. This device features waterproof speakers hence making it the ideal scuba diving metal detector. Happily, all technology has moved on, and now we can reach under the water, and with the most excellent Underwater Metal Detectors, we’ve got a much better chance to find treasure inside the water.

With your submersible metal detector and accessories, you will uncover lost treasures and forgotten relics. These accessories will help you carry your items while covering the search area, hear your finds as your detector alerts you, and dig up your buried treasure. The two categories are Pulse Induction Metal Detectors (PI) and Very Low Frequency Metal Detectors (VLF). Along creeks, around lakes and ponds, and in wading into bodies of water are great places to use your underwater detector. with 11×7″ Waterproof DD Search Coil 2.4 GHz Blue Edition Wireless Headphones.

Fortunately, this device is equipped with an adjustable pulse delay that lets you reduce the noise from all that junk and black sand. The biggest problem when it comes to detecting metals underwater is the fact that you might pick up frequencies from different items such as trash and black sand. More to that, this device is waterproof up to 100 feet.  It also comes with a 12-inch dual field coil which makes it quite sensitive to gold. The device will automatically adjust itself in order to target the nearby treasure.

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