We are based in Indore which is situated in the central part of India. We have been collecting clocks since generations from around the world and now is major part of our life. We have around five hundred working mechanical clocks from ten feet Grand father to small pocket watches. We have been restoring, managing and taking care of them from generations.

Portfolio of Management

The entire antique clock Museum is managed by Mr. Anil Bhalla whose dedication has been there in taking care of these clocks. Mr. Sagar Bhalla is taking care of commercial aspects like procurement of clocks and components.

Mr. Kunal Bhalla is taking out most care of keeping them clicking with his strong wrists. Yuvraj and Punya Bhalla are the children who help their Grandfather on daily basis.


Our Antique Clock collection started in 1880’s when Sir Hukumat Rai Bhalla went to London for his higher studies. On his way back to home (India) he brought his first table clock. Then the passion started was passed to generations and still going on…


Our main aim is to spread awareness about the antique wall clocks which include: Cuckoo Clocks, Grandfathers Clocks, Anniversary Clocks, Table Clocks and many more. As nowadays the importance and the use of mechanical clocks are decreasing and their are only few clocks left which are in good and working condition. Our collection includes clocks from more then ten countries around the world! Our mission is to increase the number of clocks we have and to display in front of the world so that people  can understand different concepts which also revolve around clocks .